IMG_1120The Greenest Girl…. Monica Be. has been trying to ‘Green’ everyone that crosses her path in some way or the other. Either with eating better food or everyones favorite using less toxic hair and body products on them and their family everyday.

Monica started this ‘Green’ venture you can say by accident or as others might say by destiny, “I don’t know what I else I could be if I wasn’t ‘Green‘,” says Monica.

FiniMe Green is not a business it’s her way of life. Just ask anyone who knows her, she always giving tips to improve the quality of life without even trying. Working in the cosmetic industry Monica wanted to separate herself and her clients from toxic ingredient in hair and body products.          .0001-52562403

“We as consumers have to make better product and food choices, FiniMe Green takes the guess work out of ‘Greening’ your life style”.

FiniMe, (pronouced FahneMe) meaning complete me in French, Monica set out to learn and become certified in all areas that effected consumers and the environment. Gaining knowledge in every ‘Green’ concept under the sun Monica can design a ‘Green’ house, cook organic meals, make nontoxic products while helping countless others take the guess work out of ‘Greening’ their lives and helping them save money too!

“Being ‘Green’ or converserving was once called poverty until Hollywood took over the term and started sell things that were once free”.

Monica designed FiniMe Green coaching services to be affordable to everyone with payment plans and freebies and discounts. ( No ‘Green’ washing here)

P.S……. When she’s not Eco Coaching you can catch Monica teaching hands-on and virtual courses  at Monica Be. Barrette Academy, prepping stylist for popup events with Beoots in Brooklyn. She also mentors and trains at risk young women for beauty industry careers.